The Dolphin Express IXH620 XMC Adapter

产品名称:The Dolphin Express IXH620 XMC Adapter


IXH620 XMC嵌入式适配卡


兼容VITA 42.0设计

PCI Express 2.0 X8连接

基于IDT的PCIe 2.0芯片


X8 2.0边缘主机接口

X8 2.0IPASS线缆接口



支持其它厂商的PCI Expess X8 1.0/2.0设备




The Dolphin Express IXH620 XMC Adapter brings 40Gbit/s connectivity and advanced connection features to embedded computers that support standard XMC slots or XMC VPX, VME or cPCI carrier boards. The x8 Gen2 PCI Express adapter expands the capabilities of embedded systems by enabling very low latency, high throughput cabled expansion using standard PCI Express over cable.

The IXH620’s x8 front panel I/O IPASS connector presents a standard interface for point to point cabled connections or multiple system connections using the 8 port PCI Express IXS600 switch. Connectivity to standard PCs is achieved using Dolphin’s IXH610 PCI Express host adapter. 3rd party PCI Express devices compliant to the PCI Express cabling standard can also connect to any Dolphin IX product expanding the number of available solutions.

The XMC adapter can be implemented as either an upstream or downstream target supporting transparent and non-transparent bridging (NTB). Used in transparent mode, the IXH620 runs without the need for special device drivers, while supporting standard PCI Express devices and drivers. In NTB mode, the adapter offers remote PIO and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) for high performance system to system communication. Data transfers are conducted through either Direct Memory Access (DMA) for larger packet sizes and processor off-load or Programmed IO (PIO) for small packets at the lowest latency. The combination of DMA and PIO creates a optimal data transfer solution. The IXH620 also supports system clock isolation, by isolating the system clock and transmitting a very low jitter high quality clock to downstream devices. IXH620 users benefit from improved signal quality, reliability, and cable distances. For custom configurations, the card also includes two EEPROMs to support device re-configuration.

The IXH620 comes with Dolphin’s comprehensive software suite that reduces time to market for customers. The Shared-Memory Cluster Interconnect (SISCI) API is a robust and powerful programming environment for easy use of shared memory in multi host/root systems. The optimized TCP/IP driver and SuperSockets™ for Linux and Windows removes the traditional networking bottleneck and enables standard applications to take advantage of the high performance PCI Express interconnect. Shared memory applications can easily benefit from 0.74 microsecond remote latency and more than 3500 Megabytes/s throughput. Sockets applications benefits form 1.3 microseconds latency and more than 23 Gigabit/second user payload throughput. These powerful features make the adapter an ideal interconnect for applications such as military and industrial systems that seek high performance and flexibility.


  • VITA 42.0-2005, ANSI/VITA 42.3-2006 compliant X8 PCI Express port - 40 Gbit/s
  • RDMA support through PIO and DMA
  • Supports Standard X8 PCI Express connector and Cable
  • Copper cable connection up to 5 meters, fiber cable support
  • Clock isolation support
  • Transparent bridging to cabled I/O devices
  • Host and Target functionality
  • Non-transparent bridging to cabled PCI Express systems
  • Short XMC form factor
  • EEPROM for custom system configuration
  • XMC P15 connector
  • Link and status LEDs through front panel